Hi Mate!

On this blog we inform you about what is going on at developer.fidor.de.

First of all: our API Sandbox is ready! You can check it out by clicking on “Sandbox” in the menu. It will take you to our App Manager! (Please note: there are known issues that will be resolved soon. The design and usability will also be updated soon. Use this forum for feedback).

Getting started

1. In order to login, you will need a Fidor account. You can learn how to create one in our knowledge base: How to create a Fidor account

2. We spent a lot of time writing documentation for you, so it’s up to you to read it (we recommend).

3. If you have any questions, that are not yet covered in the knowledge base, you can have a look in our API Discussion Forum.


Let us know what you think! Send us your feedback directly by using the contact form above or use the dedicated forum!

Of course, you can also just comment below this post!

See you soon!

Your Fidor Team