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API documentation is as important as the API itself. Developers don’t want to waste their time. Check out and give us feedback here.

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Mobile Development

Mobile applications have different API-needs, for example when it comes to security and user experience. In this forum we’d like to discuss ways to improve our APIs and services to make them really mobile-ready.

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Sandbox (Testing environment)

The sandbox is where you can start testing your applications. Please post questions here and give feedback to the API.

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Resolved [Support request] Daueraufträge

started by wp-sobj

3 wp-sobj
Not Support [Support request] python

started by fjv2

2 fjv2
Not Resolved [Resolved] Buy a non-expiring token

started by archie_sh

3 archie_sh
Not Support [Resolved] Server to server communication

started by stokic

3 archie_sh
Not Support [Resolved] Arbeit mit SFIRM

started by Rosmarin

3 Stefan Weiß
Resolved [Resolved] API Sandbox funktioniert, Produktion funktioniert nicht.

started by Andreas

2 Andreas
Not Resolved [Support request] Advanced PHP Cde

started by fusionnovate

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Not Resolved [Support request] no static IP available for our service running on Google Cloud Platform

started by sk_scondoo

5 Igor Kosta
Not Support transaction_type for bank fees

started by Manuel

20 Manuel
Not Resolved API not returning error when submitting filter with wrong datatype

started by Manuel

3 Manuel

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