Application Manager unreachable

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Whenever I try to open the Application Manager, I get redirected to

We have a bug in the redirecting after Oauth and login. We try to deploy the fix on Monday or Tuestday.

In the meantime please try the following:
– deliberately log out of banking (, the community ( and Application Manager ( if you can
– delete all cookies
– close the browser, try a different browser
– open
– click on “Yes, I want …”
– log in
– if you get redirected to the smart account goto open again
– click on “Yes, I want …”
now you should be in the Application Manager (

With the deploy of yesterday the redirect bug should be fixed.
Please let us know if you still experience any problems.

I see that we resolved the problem with wrong redirects during OAuth but still struggle with session cookies, so that sometimes users cannot enter until they deliberately logged out of banking (, the community ( and Application Manager ( by clicking on the Logout-Icon in the upper right corner.
We’re trying to solve this asap.

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