[Support request] Is anyone out there?

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I have emailed FIdor UK and Geschaeftskonto@fidor.de about getting our app authorised to use the API beyond the test sandbox and despite multiple emails there is no response.

Is there anyone out there who can actually move this along?

Is anyone… ? I still haven’t got an email back about this.

I have been waiting since July.

Please accept my appologies. There was some internal confusion around who’s answering your request. I asked our teams in Fidor Bank UK and Fidor Bank Germany to get back to you immediately.

Stefan Weiß

Thank you 🙂

Hi Stefan,

Unfortunately it is now two weeks later and no one has got in contact with me 🙁

Could you please ask again, and perhaps find out exactly who is going to get back to me when?

I have championed Fidor in our organisation because I was impressed with the goals and zeal of your developers here on the forum, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to persuade my associates that I should continue to devote time to Fidor when after months of desperately trying to get in touch with you guys no one has got back to me.


Rob, I’ll send you an e-mail right now and get you in direct contact with your account manager.

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