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This is an Feature Request!

Many RESTful API’s offer an Push Method with webhooks.

In the constellation with the fidor-Api, as an example, this could push new transactions.

The details of such an implementation would be something to think about.
The first in my mind would be, that PUSH Request transfer no data. With example, it says only new transactions, not the details of the transactions itself. To identify the associated account, it could be registered an additionally token ( which has no other function ).
This would have the advantage there is no need for the fidor-API to verify the responding Http Server and so the implemenatin would be very easy!

What do you think?

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That is a wonderful idea, and I like the details. We have webhooks on our roadmap already and I expect this feature to be released in Q4/2015. I will link this posting to our internal development tickets and so we can come back with updates.

Is this implemented now? I do not see a mention of it in the API docs.

Push to mobile has been implemented and is avaiable for partner projects, webhooks have not yet been implements. I am sorry. If you have a project where webhooks are needed, please contact geschaeftskonto@fidor.de

Nice to know that there is an implementation for push to mobile.

It’s now two years ago, so i guess webhooks are not realy on the roadmap.

Should we contact geschaeftskonto@fidor.de for ‘webhooks’ or ‘push to mobile’?

We are still very interested in an push mechanism!

yes, please.

Stefan – if we were to have say 10,000 Fidor customers using our app, and our architecture is that our app talks to our server and our server gets the transaction etc data from Fidor’s server…

Am I right in understanding that without webhooks we have to periodically poll each account individually?

Am I also right in understanding therefore that if a customer has a transaction occur on their account, we won’t know about it until we next poll (whereas with a webhook your system would call our API to notify us)? If this is the case it will lead to a poor customer experience.

RobHu, you are totally right. And until webhooks make it back to the roadmap (you requests do help) you actually have to poll the system regularily in order to stay up-to-date. If you are actually working on a project for 10.000 Fidor customers, you should contact geschaeftskonto@fidor.de anyways. We have non-public APIs and interfaces that could be useful.

Well, we do plan to take over the world with our account aggregation app, so 10,000 might be conservative 😉

We will get in touch…

Are you going to adopt PSD2? If so, do you intend to do so before the Q1 2018 deadline?

For Fidor world domination is the MVP. We will expand from there. 🙂

PSD2 is top on our agenda of course. And because it is regulation we have to adopt, there is no question. Please see https://www.caps-services.com/ for one of the projects we are working on.

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