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my client just got a Fidor account and for our use case we only need server to server communication ie. we just need to access our own account and check if some transfer have been made, it’s pretty simple use case and from the API it’s seems pretty straight forward but if I understood correctly the part of the authentication flow, and I think that I did since it’s not my first rodeo with oAtuh2, currently the API supports only “normal” auth flow ie where we need to take user to Fidor for auth, then fetch token etc…

The question: is there a way to automatise auth and own account access in some way?

In API documentation it only says: “For applications to simply control your our own bank account via a pure server side connection we soon will provide an improved approval process, OAuth flow and OAuth features.”



We are delayed with bringing more server friendly key generation methods to the application manager, but it will eventually pop up. Sorry for letting you wait.

Right now there are two approaches:
a) use of the starter kits (e.g. https://github.com/fidor/fidor_starter_kits/tree/master/starter_kits/php_oauth_plain) to create a starter token and continue from there using refresh tokens
b) request a non-expiring token generated by our team (for a fee of 149 Euro)

Stefan Weiß/Fidor

Hi, I would like to buy a non-expiring token for my companies account. Who do I have to contact? How does the process look like for this?

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