[Resolved] Where to buy a non expiring token?

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Hi, I also would like to buy a non expiring OAuth2 token for server to server communication. I already sent an email to fidor, but they did not answer yet. Any ideas / experiences?


Customers of Fidor Bank in Germany, please write to geschaeftskonto@fidor.de
Customers of Fidor Bank in UK, please write to hello@fidorbank.uk

I hope this answers your question.


Hi Stefan,

I already wrote an email to geschaeftskonto@fidor.de two weeks ago and also called the customer service. The guy didn’t know anything about it and said that he needs to ask the technical department. Since then I haven’t heard anything anymore.

Best regards,
Stefan as well


Similar to us! We would like to make use of the fidor api to access our account from our backend. How can we go about it? We wrote already an email. From the ones who tried already, how long will it take us to get the token and what are the conditions?


Hi Jannes,

we never got an answer and finally decided to ditch Fidor. I called their hotline at least 5 times and they always said that they will tell the dev department and that they will get back to us. But in the end they never did.

This is just unappectable! Imagine your system is live and they have the same response time.

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