Welcome to Fidor!

You’ve come to the right place if you look for real banking APIs.

There are some things you need to know before you start, in particular if you are not German and do not live in Germany.

  • First of all: We love to have you here and will try to make your experience to a great one.
  • Second: Everybody can create an account and play around with the APIs in the sandbox. You don’t have to become a bank customer in the first place. We know, creating an account is not trivial for non-Germans (we are working on this issue) but here we will tell you how to do this and take you trough the necessary steps.
  • And then: There is lots of documentation and support available. And don’t hesitate to ask questions – in English and German (in case you want to brush up your language skills).

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Register for an account: https://developer.fidor.de/kb/create-an-account/
  2. Check documentation: https://developer.fidor.de/kb/how-to-use-the-documentation/
  3. Go to the Application Manager: https://apm.fidor.de/
  4. In case you get stuck:
    – Search through the developer community: https://developer.fidor.de/community/
  5. In case you’re still stuck, have found a bug, have feature requests or just want to give feedback
    – Post it to the developer community (you must create an separate account for the developer community first).

Registering and playing around with the APIs (in the sandbox) is free of charge and open to everybody. Of course, if you want to eventually remote control your real Fidor bank account, you have to have one. If you plan to offer third party services to existing Fidor Bank customers or need extended services (e.g. trust account) , then please get in contact with Fidor Business Development.

Registering for/upgrading to a full bank account for non-Germans is possible in some cases. Albeit, you cannot use the “normal” registering process via the Fidor homepage, because this supports only people and companies who actually live/are located in Germany. If you are a company from UK or Austria, please send an e-mail to Fidor Bank Corporate Customer Service <Geschaeftskonto@fidor.de> and we will try to get you in the boat. For persons or companies from other countries we cannot offer full bank accounts at Fidor at the moment.